Access to Venture and Seed Capital

Our list of growing partners and investors can provide extensive levels of venture and seed level capital to help fund your project, right from the start. Early funding rounds are important to help support and build the infrastructure that holds your entire idea together. You think it. We help fund it.

Project, Smart Contract Development, and Audits

Our team of experts have a multifaceted skill set that allows us to help build and develop your projects core functionality and standards to ensure your projects tokenomics and utility are receiving the full advantage. Carefully coordinating token supply, market capitalization, functions, and other important lines of code can be the be all and end all of any one project. Making sure you are reinforcing the infrastructure of your project through carefully written code is a thing of the past with KCLP.

An audited smart contract is a safe smart contract. At least this is the expectation by users interacting with your ecosystems code. Our partnership with Quill Audits can help your project launch without hesitation or fear due to their trusted and reviewable auditing practices that make them one of the most trusted smart contract code auditors in the industry.

Social Media Marketing and Networking

Key Opinion Leaders, or KOL's, can have a large impact on any projects ability to gain and maintain a following. With our army of over 100 KOLs and influencers, we will tweet, like, retweet, and talk about your project across Twitter and on some of the biggest crypto Twitter accounts. We have all seen the impact these posts can have, and we will support your projects message through word of mouth marketing methods that will get your project trending on Twitter, DexTools, and much much more.

Staking Pools featuring KCLP and other Asset Pairs, Accessible to You

KCLP and it's partners ecosystem have also provided Staking Pools and different Staking pairing options. Holders will be able to stake their tokens in order to receive a return on another token in the pair. With so many projects moving from one consensus mechanism to another, having the option to launch a Staking pool handled and built by KCLP provides your users and holders the option to farm Liquidity Pools and interest gained on their idle crypto.